Thanksgiving Alpha Airdrop

With our Thanksgiving Alpha, Instrumental will be having an airdrop of its STRM token, with recipients being announced in the coming days.

We have earmarked 5% of the total supply of STRM to be distributed in an airdrop, where eligibility for airdrop rewards is based on a snapshot. The snapshot showcases users who have participated in cross-layer and cross-chain strategies between 5th August (EIP-1559 activation date) and 25th November 2021. In the coming days, this snapshot will be made available on Github and includes users of bridges such Composable Finance’s Mosaic, Celer’s cBridge, Connext’s bridge, Hop Protocol and more.

The airdrop rewards early adopters of the cross-layer future and is our way of kickstarting a community who will utilize the instrumental protocol from the start. Half of these tokens will be distributed in the token generation event (TGE), and the remainder will be distributed over a 6-month period. STRM plays a crucial part in the function of Instrumental and is designed to service a variety of utility functions. Thanks to our team and community of early supporters, we are set to launch our LBP on Balancer through CopperLaunch on December 6th, 2021.

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