🎺Welcome to Instrumental Finance

Unifying sharded applications through cross-layer arbitrage, powering new opportunities in the DeFi space.

Instrumental Finance is a new tool that makes liquidity providing (LPing) easier than ever. With the current lack of interoperability between layer 2 (L2) solutions, liquidity providers face barriers when trying to move assets to maintain a yield-optimized position. Instrumental allows users to sidestep these barriers and maximize their earnings from LPing.

To do so, Instrumental offers chain- and layer-agnostic LPing, which allows users to optimize their liquidity provisioning yield across multiple blockchains and blockchain layers. To participate, users deposit funds into an Instrumental Vault. From here, users can move their LP position around to various platforms, regardless of layer or chain, in order to help maximize their yields. Eventually, through Instrumental, this process will be automated so that users’ funds are allocated to the highest yield-generating LPing platform and pool available, across chains and layers.

Because of the critical role that LPing plays in DeFi and the limitations it is presently facing, Instrumental Finance is positioned to live up to its name, playing an instrumental role in the L2 space with its unique solution for LP position management and optimization.

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