Stela Labs Security Audit

Instrumental Finance is pleased to announce the successful completion of a security audit from Stela Labs. This audit was held to ensure security and performance of our protocol. Stela Labs helped position us for launch and any future upgrades. We see security as a core component for our vision to provide our users with a revolutionary platform for yield maximization and strategy management.
What is Stela Labs
Stela Labs is a subsidiary of Advanced Blockchain AG that secures existing smart contracts through auditing and resolves any identified issues. The firm consists of a diverse and experienced team of blockchain pioneers and engineers with real-world experience and expertise about security issues that have impacted other blockchain-based projects. Stela Labs implements a comprehensive smart contract auditing and protocol building strategy that not only aims for security but also utility and impact.
What did the audit from Stela Labs involve?
Stela Labs performed an audit on Instrumental’s smart contract codes. Specifically the most important areas of focus involved the code behind the Instrumental Vault and our staking mechanics. Any weaknesses that were identified were corrected and improved in direct collaboration with Stela Labs and their expertise in the subject. Fully transparent information regarding any findings, recommendations, corrections, and improvements will be published on our Gitbook in the future.