Use Cases

Our solution allows LPs to maximize their returns on LPing across the entirety of the DeFi space — regardless of layer or chain. An essential part of this platform will be our Instrumental native token — STRM, designed to service a variety of utility functions and ensuring Instrumental’s services continue to be delivered to users in an efficient manner as we continue to scale.

In addition to being a utility token, STRM also allows users to participate in revenue sharing and rewards:

Revenue Program and Sharing

Users will be able to lock up Instrumental’s native tokens — STRM to earn a share of the revenue generated from Instrumental’s platform. This revenue will be 1% of notional on the strategy plus a 15% performance fee of the strategy as well. 50% of this revenue is distributed to stakers of Instrumental’s token. In future, STRM stakers will earn additional revenues (veSTRM) and boost rewards from liquidity just like veCRV holders (voting escrow CRV) which will be on the basis of time weighted function.

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