💰Token Distribution

The pie chart below depicts the distribution of the STRM token, with more details about each distribution channel below:

Team Tokens — 15%

15% of the total token supply will go towards our all-star Instrumental team, in order to support the continued growth and development of the platform. However, team tokens come with a 4-year vesting schedule, as follows:

  • 50% over the first year linearly - 0xAe91

  • 25% over the 2nd year - 0xca20

  • 12.5% over the 3rd year - 0xa40d6

  • 12.5% over the 4th year - 0x3E5F

Some team tokens will be allocated to Advanced Blockchain AG. Advanced Blockchain AG has provided tremendous support during the incubation and launch of Instrumental Finance. We are profoundly integrated into the Composable ecosystem after being incubated by Composable Labs. This integration subsequently flowered into a fruitful collaboration with Advanced Blockchain AG, who are actively involved and supporting our operations, development and vision. As a result of their services and support we are happy to announce that we are allocating team tokens to Advanced Blockchain.

Advanced Blockchain has been a driving force in our technology improvement and development. We have worked closely with their team to grasp concepts and refine our technology to perfectly fit into the ecosystem that they have helped build with Composable. We are excited about the future potential of further collaborations and partnerships within the ecosystem, especially with other promising portfolio companies from Advanced Blockchain that share our vision. Advanced Blockchain has deep expertise in this space and their active involvement in Instrumental Finance has been invaluable in modeling our roadmap, research, and organizational structure. More details on this allocation can be found in this article.

Instrumental-ETH SushiSwap Liquidity Incentives — 15%

15% of STRM token supply is allocated to reward liquidity providers (LPs) for liquidity mining activities on SushiSwap for the pairing of Instrumental’s token and Ethereum (ETH). Stakers of STRM-ETH Sushiswap LPs (SLPs) who staked within the three-week liquidity rush earned 3% of $STRM vested over three months. Users locking $STRM-ETH SLPs within a three-month locking period will also earn 5% to be vested over three months. Another 5% of $STRM tokens will be distributed to lockers of veSTRM within the first month, to vest over three months.

Our Liquidity Incentives contract address is here: 0xC512

Strategy Participation — 15%

15% of our token supply will be distributed for participation in Instrumental’s strategies of LP position management. Users can participate using LP tokens directly, or can bring stablecoins to participate in these strategies. These tokens will be distributed over 6 months.

Airdrop — 5%

We will airdrop 5% of our total token supply to users identified as those participating in cross-layer and cross-chain strategies, in order to garner the attention of the users that would serve to benefit the most from our platform, and provide them with tokens that allow them to initially participate. Details about distribution will be shared as we gradually edge closer to the TGE. Half of these tokens will be distributed on the token generation event (TGE), and the other half will be distributed over 6 months linearly.

Our Airdrop contract address is here: 0x39B7

Locking Instrumental Receipt Tokens and Metapool/Stablecoin Receipt Tokens — 10%

10% of our token supply will be allocated towards a boost that users can earn if they perform any of the following:

  • Lock their receipt tokens from participating in Instrumental’s LP position arbitraging strategy

  • Lock Metapool LP tokens Providing liquidity for LP tokens on 2 layers, results in a metapool LP token.

  • Locking this metapool LP token is what this reward refers to.

These tokens will be distributed over 1.5 years.

Metapool and Stablecoin Liquidity Providers — 20%

Liquidity providers for Instrumental who provide LP tokens and stablecoins (to support cross-chain LP position arbitraging via these tokens) will receive 20% of Instrumental’s token supply, distributed over 1.5 years. 5% of STRM will be allocated to veSTRM (STRM lockers) within the first month before revenue starts flowing. An additional 5% of the total supply will also be allocated to the Composable vault strategy stakers and vested over a 6 month period.

Transfers & Swaps — 10%

10% of tokens will be used to incentivize volume by rewarding transfers and swaps occurring on the Instrumental platform. These tokens will vest over one year.

There will also be a liquidity rush event, where 3% of rewards will be distributed to bridgers in a 1-week period in the beginning of the protocol’s deployment, helping to bootstrap the protocol. These 3 % of rewards will have half fully vested, and the other half vested over 6 months.

Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool — 5.5%

10% of STRM tokens were originally allocated for a fair launch through our event. 5.5% was successfully sold during this event on CopperLaunch.

Treasury - 4.5%

4.5% from the original 10% allocated to the Instrumental LBP that was not sold is designated to be held in the Instrumental Treasury, which can be allocated via user-based governance functionalities for various distributions.

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