🛣️Roadmap: Broad Vision

Phase 1: Cross-Layer LP Token/Position Transfers

Phase one is underway and lays the foundation for Instrumental’s value proposition, seamless transfer of assets across chains and layers. Instrumental leverages the Mosaic Bridge*, which has integrated several chains and L2s that can take full advantage of the Instrumental solution. This connection provides users the ability to freely transfer assets such as their LP positions to maximize their yield. Mosaic plans to expand their list of layer 2 protocols and chains in the near future, thus increasing options for users of the Instrumental Finance solution.

*Mosaic currently supports several stablecoins and LP tokens from Curve, Aave, SushiSwap, and Abracadabra. The ecosystem connectivity currently allows for movement across Moonriver, the Ethereum Mainnet (L1), Arbitrum, Polygon, the Avalanche C-Chain, and Fantom.

Phase 2: Cross-Layer LP Token/Position Swaps

The second phase will enable cross-layer asset swaps by integrating Automated Market Maker (AMM) solutions*. Thus, in addition to asset transfers, users can take full advantage of swaps across layers and chains. This is important because swaps are more efficient and will drive further adoption. Users that understand the benefits can now adjust their strategies accordingly, utilizing swaps without running into expensive and time-consuming barriers. Instrumental thus becomes integral in this connected ecosystem by providing options for seamless transfer and swapping of assets across chains and layers.

*Since Instrumental runs on the Mosaic bridge, it is integrated with their AMMs and as they expand their AMM integrations it allows the Instrumental solution to build an interconnected and simple transferal and swapping network that is layer and chain agnostic.

Phase 3: Cross-Layer LP Position Management Strategies

Phase three involves the creation and support of more complex strategies, such as cross-chain/layer arbitrage. Complex interconnectivity is often accompanied by complex infrastructure with many moving parts. Instrumental aims to simplify the strategy process by providing a strategy management solution to ensure simplicity for the end user. This phase converges everything together to be fully connected and operational for users to maximize their yield positions in a seamless and scalable manner. The management and strategy implementation for cross-layer LP positions, combined with the novel cross-chain and layer transfer and swapping solutions will provide users within the DeFi ecosystem the ability to manage complex LP positions in interoperable fashion. Instrumental aims to free DeFi positions across all pools, connecting layers, chains, and platforms to allow users the ability to transfer, swap, and manage their positions seamlessly, ultimately supporting all users whether they are utilizing basic or complex strategies.

By building a cross-chain network and cross-layer scalable solution, we are connecting the entire DeFi ecosystem, laying the foundation for a truly inclusive on-chain financial network.

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