What is Instrumental Finance?

Instrumental Finance is a new tool that helps new and old liquidity providers LP with ease. This is done through the facilitation of cross-chain transactions as well as providing key analytics.

Who can LP with Instrumental?

Anyone can LP with Instrumental! Instrumental makes it simple for even those who are new to liquidity providing. User-friendly analytics and LP position management provide all of the information necessary to make LPing easy and intuitive.

What is the Instrumental Vault?

The Instrumental Vault is where users deposit funds. From here, users’ funds are allocated to the highest yield-generating LPing platform and pool available, regardless of the layer or chain it is on.

What layer 2 solutions does Instrumental operate across?

Instrumental will optimize LP positions across Arbitrum, Polygon, the Avalanche C-Chain, Ethereum Mainnet (L1), Moonriver, and other layers as these protocols are added to Compsable’s Mosaic technology.

What AMMs are included in Instrumental’s MVP?

Instrumental Finance’s MVP will allow for the movement of liquidity provisioning positions on Curve, Aave (represented by aTokens), and SushiSwap (represented by SushiSwap LP or SLP tokens).

What is Instrumental’s technical basis?

Instrumental Finance uses the technical stack from Composable Finance to facilitate cross-layer functionality. More specifically, Instrumental uses Composable’s Mosaic solution: a cross-layer asset swapping tool alongside its SDK. Composable is an infrastructure project that aims to solve the issues of cross-layer and cross-chain interoperability in DeFi.

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