How to Participate

The Instrumental LBP event on CopperLaunch ended on the 9th of December, 2021 at 15:59 UTC. Results of the LBP can be found here on CopperLaunch as well as summarized here on our GitBook. We are beyond thrilled to see everyone who has aped into the launch and are excited about $STRM and supporting the Instrumental vision. If you would like to obtain $STRM and support Instrumental further, check out our Liquidity Rush and Alpha Airdrop events. Below is the information originally provided to users on how to participate in the LBP:

Participating in STRM token LBP on CopperLaunch is simple - just follow these steps:

  • Connect a Web 3-enabled cryptocurrency wallet to CopperLaunch such as Metamask, Ledger, Trust, Argent, Rainbow, ImToken, etc. by clicking the "Connect Wallet" button. Note that this wallet would need to contain some ETH to pay transaction fees and USDC in order to purchase $STRM during the LBP.

  • After connecting your wallet, use the “Buy STRM” Menu to the right and select how much $STRM you would like to purchase using USDC.

  • Click “Approve” and wait for confirmation. Upon confirmation, you will receive $STRM tokens in your wallet.

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